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Companies in the process industries have a number of common needs: controlling costs, increasing output, and retaining good employees, for example. But each company also has needs specific to providing its particular product or service.

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Companies in the process industries have a number of common needs: controlling costs, increasing output, and retaining good employees, for example. But each company also has needs specific to providing its particular product or service.

At Plant Leadership Systems, we can design a program to address your individual needs, whether you're struggling with operator training, operations performance, people issues, or compliance. Years of experience in the process industries have given us insight to help your plant improve its performance.

We skip the one-size-fits-all approach and work closely with you to identify details that make a difference. Because we take the time to get all of the information upfront, we're better equipped to create an innovative solution that meets everyone's expectations.

Job Performance Standards CONSULTATION

Getting employees to change their behavior requires training, performance support, and performance management. Clear job performance standards are critical to evaluating individual performance and communicating areas in which an employee is succeeding as well as those areas that may need improvement.

Key takeaways of Job Performance Standards include

  • A means to define and communicate performance expectations for each position
  • Definition of the behaviors necessary to support key work systems and enable optimal workflow
  • How to make hiring and staffing decisions by determining the skills required for each position to implement the site strategy
  • Methods to prioritize, design, and measure future training and development
  • A performance management tool that can be used to reinforce desired behaviors and help employees correct inappropriate behaviors

Plant Leadership Assessments

At Plant Leadership Systems, our staff has ample experience with assessing plant and refinery organizational performance. Over the years, experience has taught us that you can learn just as much by paying attention to what works in a facility as well as identifying where performance gaps exist, a perspective that led us to embrace the principles of Appreciative Inquiry (AI). A methodology for human system improvement, AI incorporates concepts such as admiration, approval, and gratitude and encourages excitement, camaraderie, and joy in creating something meaningful.

Examples of assessments include

  • Operational Discipline
  • Plant Leadership Effectiveness
  • Learning and Development Practices

Performance Management

Performance Management

Getting optimal performance and output from the process plant doesn't happen by accident. It requires active involvement by your management team. Performance Management from Plant Leadership Systems looks at the needs of your shift team and then develops a detailed training program that includes basic operator, unit-specific, and refresher training, as well as makes recommendations on creating development opportunities.

Emphasis is placed on making sure goals and expectations are clear, standards are consistent, feedback is constructive, and personal accountability measures are created. By taking a broad-spectrum look at training initiatives, Performance Management provides clear indication of training effectiveness, including performance indicators related to current and long-term use.

Performance Support

Performance Support expands the components of Performance Management to ensure training efforts are fully supported in ways proven to reinforce changed behaviors and processes. Without it, training initiatives see limited success, as behaviors often quickly revert to the comfortable, traditional methods.

With Performance Support from Plant Leadership Systems, the shift team benefits from a better understanding of work processes, specific task direction, and procedures, and has access to technical resources designed to improve the training success rate. The best training initiatives are built as an ongoing, interconnected process; Performance Support establishes the critical pieces that ensure effective outcomes.

Custom Workshops

Plant Leadership Systems also offers customized workshop solutions on a variety of topics. We will work with you to determine your current needs and then design a comprehensive training program that will help you reach your goal.

  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)
  • Advanced Operator Training
  • Human Resources